Fernando Villalvazo
(Monterrey, México)

Began showcasing exhibitions throughout Mexico in 1993, in institutions such as: Museo de arte Carillo Gil (Mexico City); Hospicio Cabañas (Gudalajara); Museo de Monterrey (MTY); Museo de arte Contemporáneo (MTY); Aguascalientes Museum of Art (Aguascalientes); Museo Ex-Convento Del Carmen (Guadalajara); Museum of Santo Domingo (Oaxaca); Antiguo Colegio de San Idelfonso (Mexico City); Centro Nacional de Las Artes (Mexico City); and Centro de Las Artes (Monterrey), among others.

Participated in biennials and exhibitions of modern art, receiving honorary mentions and honors such as the V Binational exhibition Siqueiros-Pollock (Chihuhua -Texas) in 2001, Prize of Acquisition in the 2nd Regional Biennial of Modern Art 1996 (Monterrey). Has also received creative scholarships for young artists in the state of Nuevo Leon, such as the FONECA in 1996, and FINANCIARTE in 1998, as well as the national scholarship for art production, for creative young people of FONCA (CONACULTA) in painting (Mexico City) in 1999, and the Review of Plastic Art of Nuevo Leon (Monterrey) in 2003.
Has taken part since 1994, in the II, III, IV, V, VI, VIII and XIX editions of the Monterrey Biennial FEMSA and was selected in the XV, XVII, and XIX editions of the modern art competition of Aguascalientes.

Linked art with fashion, representing such brands as Lucky Strike (1999), Absolut Vodka (2002), as well as collaboration with various publications related to art and fashion in Monterrey, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires, Ar.
He has collectively exhibited work, since 2003, in various galleries of the United States, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Norway, Argentina, France, Belgium, and Holland. He has also lectured during various periods at institutions of higher learning such as the ITESM and CEDIM (Monterrey). Taught various courses at the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Rio de Janeiro. He took part in various independent multimedia and art festivals, in emerging spaces such as: Boquitas Pintadas, hotel pop 2004 & 2006 (Argentina); Jour de la Musique 2002 & 2003 (France); Festival of sound-art, Ex-Teresa (Mexico City); and various other spaces exclusively dedicated to music and fashion productions.

He has been selected to represent his work in various television productions such as MTV Latino (Miami) and Channel “A” (Buenos Aires). In 2004 and 2005, he took part in various presentations and scenes such as Sao Paulo Fashion Week, Buenos Aires Fashion Week, and the Center Art Delft (Delft, Holland). In 2006, he made a multimedia presentation at the Club Society (Roterdam). In 2008, he participated in the contemporary art fair CIGE (Beijing).

In 2011 He had a solo exhibition at Centro de las Artes in Monterrey Mexico: "De Botargas y Otros Engendros",
that same year "Insomne",at PJS art gallery, in New York, NY.
In 2013 "Sweet Lullaby" (solo exhibition-art intervention) at 没有人知道 / 精品 in Beijing, China.
In 2014 "Nectar" (individual exhibition), at Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima in Monterrey, Mexico
At present year (2015) he won the award by the Endowment of the National Fund for Culture and Arts FONCA by CONACULTA.- México.